Hear Jennifer Live

Too Loose Cajun Band

Pacific NW’s finest traditional Cajun/Zydeco dance band.
Lefty Head (fiddle), Jennifer Smieja (vocals, frottoir), Rick Obbink (accordion, vocals), Steve Kerin (piano, vocals), Jason Asby (bass), Gary Keeney (drums), Robert Lee (fiddle), Peter Dammann (guitar)

Swamp Thang

Swampy Soul and Rock’n Roll in the Zydeco tradition.
Mike Danner (accordion, vocals), Jennifer Smieja (vocals, frottoir), Jesse Young (guitar, vocals), Brian Foxworth (drums), Greg Hyatt (bass)

Jennifer Smieja and Peter Dammann DUO

Acoustic guitar + Vocal harmonies.¬† Playing Blues, Country, 70’s and Jazz.

Jenni and Jess DUO

Jennifer Smieja and Jesse Young. Acoustic guitars + Vocal harmonies.
Playing sweet old country tunes with heartfelt harmony.



 Jaime Leopold and the Short Stories

Jaime Leopold (guitar, vocals), Walter Cryderman (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Aaron Lowe (harmonica), Jim Miller (bass), Fred Ingram (drums) and Jennifer Smieja (vocals)

Biscuits and Gravy

Jed Alger (guitar, vocals),Jennifer Smieja (guitar, percussion, vocals), Andrew Schafer (banjo), Gene Willis (mandolin, vocals), Todd Aschoff (bass, vocals), Kerry Griffin (fiddle)